About Our Trip

This is the blog that we, the Stewart family (Will, Nan, Malcolm, Ronan, and Anneliese), set up to document our RV trip to the Grand Canyon (and beyond) in June of 2013.

For years, we looked at used RVs that looked affordable and thought “Wouldn’t that be fun?” And in early 2013, something clicked, and we decided to go for it. We realized the kids were getting older, and the chance to take a mind-blowing cross-country trip wasn’t going to be there much longer. So we stepped WAY outside our comfort zone, bought an RV that we found online in February 2013, and started planning a trip out West.

The primary objective of the trip was to visit the Grand Canyon, Brady-Bunch style, only with an RV instead of a station wagon, and without getting locked up in an Arizona ghost town by a demented prospector — we hope. That’s about 2,000 miles from our home in Radford, hence the title “2,013 (miles) in 2013”.

Then we realized that Nan’s brother Eddie in Hermosa Beach, CA is only about 500 miles from the Grand Canyon, and we figured hey, it’s time to go stand with our toes in the sand on the West Coast. And one thing led to another, and our trip turned into a 5,000 mile expedition that will last three weeks and include stops in Memphis, the Grand Canyon, Sedona (AZ), Hermosa Beach, Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, and St. Louis, MO.

Or … we may get out West and decide not to come back.


One response to “About Our Trip

  1. The Pacific Ocean is warming up for you!…68 degrees F last weekend, which is totally enjoyable…and heading to 70!…

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